I'm just trying to cultivate courage.
  • Journalism as a “humanitarian art form”? Sounds good to me!

    Everyone should click on this link and listen to Kristof speak. Today I spoke with a Colombian woman who emotionally described the violence present in her home-country. That conversation, along with listening to Kristof, made me think of how little attention the media gives to certain tragedies, while other stories, particularly about government fiascos, show up on every front page. He is very passionate about, and has studied why people who live comfortably feel disturbed about but do not take strong action against (like myself), violations of human rights. He makes the point that being aware and feeling “bad” is the first step towards solutions, but that there has to be a second step. Borders and oceans seem to separate people, but I believe that at a basic level people care about other people, which is why Kristof makes more of an impact telling the story of the impoverished individual(who readers make a connection with), than an impoverished nation (which does not seem as personal or real to many people, who currently live, and have lived, in a relatively comfortable environment).